Flamenco Dance Classes Now in Southern Oregon


Sakai Flamenco is available for performances, private parties and educational events. Through the haunting melodies of the Spanish guitar, the soul-stirring deep song of the Gypsies, and the driving, powerhouse rhythms of the flamenco dancers' footwork, Sakai Flamenco will provide you with an authentic and unforgettable experience of music and dance.

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Sakai Flamenco reviews:

Union Tribune..."A Flame From Spain"... "Everything about Andrade exudes a warm sensuality--her head flung back, her heavy-lidded eyes half-closed, her long dark hair loose and disheveled. Andrade's heels continue pounding out the beat while the delicate anklet jewelry tinkles. Her arms become serpents weaving in midair, her fingers shaking with tension as they curl and uncurl along her body's curves.

The Los Angeles Times..."The Ferrari of Flamenco."

Drama-Logue..."Searing Flamenco." "Superb Spanish dancing." "Makes sparks fly."

Downtown News..."Brings down the house."

Mirada Magazine...The "Flamenco Dinner Show" is the "Ace in the Hole." "Anyone who has been to Spain wants to go there, or simply revels in the electricity of a highly charged show." "Raw sensuality." "This is a must."

Los Angeles Times...The Guide's "My Favorite Weekend"...named favorite Flamenco dance studio and dance teacher in Los Angeles.

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